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Frequently Asked Questions

You like our kind of music and would like to have a go but you are a bit nervous about joining a chorus you wonder to youself.. "can I sing.. can I sing in tune.. can I sing in harmony with others". To find out the most asked questons just read on.. "

Where are Magna Carta Chorus based

We are based in Hampton and meet weekly on a Thursday between 7.30pm and 10pm. Have a look at our 'How to find us' page to see where we meet and practice.

What type of songs do we sing

We mostly sing music written up to the 1970's as those type of 'tuneful' songs suit our style of singing. Our songs include popular music, show music and vaudeville music but we also do some comedy numbers and the odd sea shanty too! At Christmas we can also be heard singing the odd Christmas carol.

Do you use any instruments to produce your sound

No there are no instruments used in the chorus. Barbershop singers sing in a style called A Cappella which is defined as 'without musical accompaniment' - a lead who carries the tune, bass below the tune, tenor above the tune and baritone all round the tune.

Do I need to be able to read music

No. Few of us do, but after being with us for a while you'll soon grasp the rudiments of reading music and you'll find that when we have to learn a new song it will be easier.

I'm not sure I can sing in tune

If you can manage to sing Happy Birthday in tune that's good enough for us.

Do I have to audition

Not as such but we will be listening to you when you start singing with us and we will soon know whether you can sing in tune. We will advise you on your singing to get the best out of your voice. Very few people are incapable of singing in tune.